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Gecko is a jargon-free exchange on a mission to bring back the native in native advertising

We focus on ads people want to see on publications people want to read

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About us

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Our aim for quality extends to the broad portfolio of native solutions we offer both advertisers and publishers.


Our human-centric and data-driven approaches keep us looking for recent trends, user behavior changes, and innovative solutions.
We target readership, engagement,
and a positive return on investment.

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Khaled Al Huraimel

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Patrick Samaha


Kobus Booysen


Our story

Early on at Gecko, we recognized a significant difference between the neuroscience of native ads as opposed to traditional display ads. We found that the reader’s brain responds starkly better to native ads. The insight behind this was that reading the headline of a native ad is a profoundly mental process. It creates an affinity to the content consumed, and that is where we got our head start.

As a high-tech company, we hone an innovative culture committed to exploring new ideas that give our clients the competitive edge they deserve. We are committed to suitable delivery in the way users consume content; we aim to keep quality native advertising alive to benefit both advertisers and publishers through our world- class technology continuously evolving to uphold the highest in advertising standards.

We optimize the user experience such that relevance translates to brand penetration and tremendous respect for publishers and their editorial content. We hope to work in a way that adds value to products, brands, and publications.

Patrick Samaha


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Our core team

Hicham Ghazal

Commercial Manager

Vidhan Shetty

Operations Manager

Nikhil Nanda

Finance Manager

Mohammad Dajani

Egypt Country Manager

Basil Mimi

Product Manager

Abdullah Homsi

Publisher Manager

Daya Zaher

Ad Operations Manager

Marie Narouz

Ad Operations Specialist